Total Control League

Total Control League



Project realized during the second year of IUT, year 2016. Was more an experimentation. May be resurected in the future.


The game would have been a 2D platformer with rogue like elements such as leveling system, different power-ups, abilities, weapons, and procedurally generated levels.


In a far distopian future, humanity is dominated by an organisation, [TCL]. Owning a powerful teleportation technology, they have full control over most of the galactic lives and goods circulation. Aside from a few rebellious minds, their power is uncontested. That is, until that one routine mission...

Old OTSU members

  • Flavien Lepine : developer
  • Pierre-Antoine Chemin : developer
  • Kevin Gutierrez : developer
  • Antoine Bernelin : developer
  • Kevin Chaboud : game artist


Project build (need java) : Download (24 Mo)